It's time we had a choice for who represents us in Lansing

For the past 8 years, the people of our district have not had many options when it comes to who represents us in the state house.  Through anti-democratic redistricting, party operatives have carved out a place where the incumbent politicians are safely in power, free to serve the needs of their donors instead of their constituents.  It's time to fix that.

My name is Bill Saxton, and I'm running for the Michigan State House of Representatives.  As a father of 3 young children, I want our State to be a place for them to be proud of and thrive in.  That is why my focus will be on:

  • Fixing the undemocratically drawn district lines so future elections will produce true representative government
  • Restoring funding for K-12 public education
  • Supporting vocational and trade school education as viable alternatives to college
  • Protecting the environment and making sure our communities are safe from harmful pollutants (including PFAS, PFOS, and PFOA)
  • Ensuring everyone has access to affordable health care

If these are issues you care about, click here and join us.  Together, we can make real change happen.

- Bill