My Vision for a Better Michigan

Investing in Education

[Michigan] Schools struggle to improve student performance and many companies say they have trouble finding enough skilled employees to fill job openings.

- The Center For Michigan

The long-term solution to attracting well-paying jobs to Michigan is simple: we need to improve education and training for children and adults at all levels so that we can meet the needs of businesses now and in the future.  We are currently investing less in education than we were 15 years ago and it's time to reverse that trend.  As your state representative, I will work towards:

  • Increase education funding levels by at least $600/student (triple the current amount being considered) by locking down the school-aid fund to K-12 education
  • Increasing access/funding to secondary education, including trade/vocational schools and community colleges
  • Making available job re-training programs for displaced workers in shrinking industries

Un-rigging the System

Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania [maps] consistently have the most extreme levels of partisan bias.

Single-party control of the redistricting process is closely linked with biased maps.

- The Brennan Center for Justice

We can all agree that having fair and just elections is fundamental to our democracy.  Unfortunately, many districts in our state (including our own) have skewed boundaries which favor one party over another.  This is the one year we truly have a chance to change the way districts are drawn in our state.  As your state representative, I will work towards creating an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission through legislative action or ballot measure.

Protecting the Environment

[Lower groundwater pollution standards] helps the business environment...Sometimes rule-making gets so far into your business, it makes it hard to do your business.

- State Senator Pete McGregor, on why he voted 'yes' on a bill preventing Michigan from setting stricter standards on groundwater contamination

Ask the people of Rockford and Plainfield Township how they feel about business interests being put ahead of their own.  As your representative I will always put environmental concerns before corporate profits.

As a small business owner, I understand the burdens of red tape.  I know that there are many laws, no matter how well-intentioned, that can slow down business growth and innovation.  But when it comes to our environment: I will always err on the side of caution.  As stewards of the Great Lakes and a large proportion of the world's fresh water supplies, we have a responsibility to ensure our environmental standards are second to none.  As your representative, I will work towards:

  • Restricting PFAS groundwater contamination to 14 parts per trillion, in accordance with recent studies and matching the standards in other states
  • Permanently shutting down the aging Enbridge Line 5 pipeline, in order to protect the environmentally sensitive Straits of Mackinac