A Better Future for Our Families

Get Michigan Working

  • As a former small-business owner, Bill understands that well-intentioned regulations can hamper economic growth. He will make sure that any policies our government enacts achieve their desired outcomes. Those that don’t are simply bureaucratic red-tape and will be repealed.
  • Bill's engineering experience prepares him to put data, not partisanship, first as we make decisions about how to reopen and rebuild our state. Bill wants to work with leaders on both sides of the aisle and in the private sector to present a unified COVID-19 response.
  • Bill will talk with our community’s small-business owners to make sure that their needs are met when our state provides future relief. He has been in their shoes, and he will use that experience to be a champion for our small business community during the post-COVID-19 recovery. Bill believes the government should back them up just like it would back up large corporations.
  • Bill believes our state should provide free testing, expanded paid sick leave, and affordable childcare options so we don’t have to choose between putting food on the table and keeping our community healthy. Families come first in Bill's COVID-19 plan. 

Make Healthcare Affordable

  • Bill wants to open up prescription drug importation from other countries like Canada to create a competitive prescription market here in the United States. Our community's seniors shouldn't be paying 10x more than their neighbors in Canada for the exact same medicine.
  • Bill wants to regulate the price of lifesaving medicines like insulin so that large pharmaceutical companies can't take advantage of sick Michiganders. It's unfair that these companies can spike prices whenever they want to increase their bottom line.

Preserve Our Environment

  • Bill believes that clean water is a human right. He strongly supports polluter pay laws that force corporations to take all reasonable measures to remove pollution, like PFAS, they have dumped into our environment. When corporate polluters make a mess, they need to clean it up.
  • Bill will protect Michigan’s Great Lakes, the pride of our state’s dynamic ecosystem, by regulating contaminant runoff and preventing harmful algal blooms. Michiganders should be able to enjoy the benefits of our environment and our tourism industry for decades to come.

Invest in Education

  • Bill is the father of three young children, so he understands the importance of quality public education. The potential $6 billion+ school aid fund shortfall translates to fewer skilled educators in the classroom, reduced extracurricular opportunities, and, ultimately, worse educational outcomes for our kids. In addition to securing federal assistance, Bill will put our schools first in budget negotiations so we don't balance the budget on the back of our kids' futures.
  • Bill intends to make Michigan a place where our young people can achieve their dreams -- and he understands those dreams don’t look the same for everyone. Whether someone wants to pursue a college degree, an apprenticeship, or skills-building at a trade school, Bill believes there is a place for them in the twenty-first century Michigan economy.